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We at Sentuh are always ready to give you the best experience you can have. We provide a range of treatments that you can choose. We understand that you have different preferences on experiencing mobile home spa at your own place hence why Sentuh have come up with two package options to choose from; namely 'Sentuh Luxe' & 'Sentuh Lite'. Check out which treatment suits you! Click on your preference to start making your booking.

Experience with Sentuh

With Sentuh, we offer two different experiences with uncompromisable quality according to your budget. Kindly refer this chart below, and you may proceed to choose them when you order later.

  • We provide professional spa setup inclusive of portable bed, diffuser, music ,towel and disposable items.
  • Award Winning , KKM Approved & Premium Quality massage oils & products.
  • 24h Advanced Booking
  • Offer variety of services such as Body Massage,Body Spa and Facial
  • Certified and Experienced Therapist with SENTUH SOP
  • 4hrs Advanced Booking
  • Body Massage Only
  • Experienced Therapist
  • We only provide massage oil , bedsheet and towel.