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Serving you a peace of mind with our latest Peace Of Mind Policy.

We know that massage and other wellness services are crucial in managing your overall mind & body equilibrium. As we work together to bring you wellness at home, we ask that you pay attention to your own health. Please follow all WHO and KKM recommendations, which includes, but not limited to; washing your hands with soap frequently (and for 20 seconds or longer each time), using hand sanitizer, and avoiding contact with others—including wellness providers—if you feel ill or are displaying fever or respiratory symptoms.

We made some important updates to our policy and procedures to safeguard the health and safety of all our clients and therapists under this post-pandemic environment. Sentuh pledges to provide best in class home spa experience and protocols with sanitation training.

Please reach out to us should you have any questions. As always, we thank you for your continuous support and trust in our brand.

Melt away your worries and take a look at our latest Peace Of Mind Policy below :

What Is Peace Of Mind Policy?

This policy is created for your reference as you make your wellness booking with Sentuh for relaxing, peace of mind moments. We pledge to adhere to the ‘Peace of Mind Policy’ throughout all our processes and services.

What does all these mean and how will it work? What should I expect from this ‘Peace Of Mind Policy’?

Policy on technical specifications

  • Notification of your booking : As a client, you will be notified via email, SMS & push notification on the Sentuh app itself when your therapist are on the way to your location
  • Therapists expected time of arrival : Having problems with the therapist’s arrival? Does he/she arrive too early or arrive too late? What to do when you are in this situation? Get in touch directly with our Customer Service team via WhatsApp (+601158601921) or tap the Live Chat button in the app
  • Massage timer in app :  Our therapists uses the massage timer available in our app to ensure that you get the exact duration of massage as stated in booking details
  • Rescheduling & refund :  Need to reschedule your booking or a refund? Any cancellation or request to reschedule should be made 24 hours before the scheduled booking to get a full refund. If cancellation is made less than 4 hours, we will only refund 50% of the booking value since therapist time has been blocked. If cancellation is made in less than 1 hour, no refunds will be given
  • Ratings & feedbacks : You can now rate & provide feedback on your therapist and the session via Sentuh App & as a bonus, you will also earn Sentuh points when you provide us with your rating and feedback (provided before the 3rd day after your session)
  • Getting in touch with our Customer Service personal : You can get in touch with our team via the Live Chat button available in the app or alternatively you can also WhatsApp us
  • Earn Sentuh points : The more you book, the more you get back. You get to earn Sentuh points with every booking you make. These points will be redeemable for other products and services in the Sentuh App
  • Personal details & safety : Please note that we will only match the therapist based on the gender details that you have filled inside the Sentuh app. Also, we require the address to be in full so that the system can pinpoint your exact location. All these to ensure that the booking and the service will run smoothly

    Policy on privacy

    • Recording photos/videos : Please do note that therapist are not allowed to take any pictures or videos of the clients without the clients’ consent
    • Safety & modesty : We strictly allow only same-gender (customer to therapist) services to protect your privacy & modesty

    Policy on service

    • Massage pressure : You can always communicate with your therapist regarding your preferred massage pressure (gentle, moderate or intense)
    • The setup is not as advertised or the therapist is not wearing appropriate getup : For this matter, please do inform our Customer Service team along with the details of your booking for our team to investigate & review the matter. Rest assured that the details you provide will be kept as private & confidential and shall be handled in a professional manner
    • I did not get the herbal tea as advertised or I had to “make” the tea myself : Please note that for Luxe category of service, you are entitled for herbal tea. The tea should be prepared and served by the therapist in a flask they brought and poured in a cup ready to be consumed
    • Products used are different from what we listed : In the event that the therapist is using products that are not listed in the package details, please inform our Customer Service team along with the details of your booking for our team to investigate & review the matter. Rest assured that the details you provided will be kept as private & confidential and shall be handled in a professional manner

    We ask that you do NOT book a session if :

    You are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 as outlined by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (if you have questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms, please review the KKM’s symptoms guide)

    You or anyone in your household is exposed to COVID-19 within the last 7 days; or

    You need to fill in a declaration form stating that you or anyone in your household has not tested positive for COVID-19 or been told by a medical professional to presume you or the person in your household has COVID-19 (unless you or the person in your household have been cleared by a doctor to discontinue self-isolation OR you or the person in your household have not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms within the past 2 weeks)

    In preparation for a session, please :

    Allow our therapist to use your kitchen sink or bathroom to wash his/her hands at the beginning of the session & at the end of the session

    Keep children, pets and others 6 feet away from the massage table and the therapists’ belongings to follow social distancing protocols

    Shower before your appointment

    Have a hand towel ready to sneeze or cough into, or wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth

    Offer to use your own freshly-laundered sheets if you prefer

    Top notch screening, training & preparation from our therapists :

    Each therapist will have to fill in a declaration form stating that they are or have not had any experience with COVID-19 positive or be in close proximity with COVID-19 positive patients in the last 30 days

    Your therapist will wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth, high quality hand gloves and a few other top notch prevention service material during your session

    All equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before the session

    We will be introducing disposable sheets for our sessions, or you can use your own if you prefer

    All therapists will wash their hands before physical contact with client, upon arrival and beginning of massage

    We have the right to cancel the session or reschedule it to another date & time if you or the therapist have shown any symptoms

    All therapist has gone through our sanitation & SOP training, so they will explain and brief to you some protocols before the session starts

    It is best to take a shower before and after your session

    To minimize the risk for both parties and to ensure you enjoy the best treatment, all our therapists have been advised to talk less and only talk when needed. However if you need any consultation/assistance, feel free to ask

    For any inquiries or assistance, kindly WhatsApp our Customer Service team at


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