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Who should be joining this support group?

You should be part of this mommy community if:


You are a first time mother and you find yourself clueless about navigating your motherhood journey.


You are not a first time expecting mother but want to keep up with the current advancements and developments in the field and prepare yourself accordingly as a modern mother


You are keen to expand your network with other mommies and experts in our Facebook private group Sentuh Mummy Club.


You are passionate about learning and exploring. You care about doing the right thing and getting the right advice. You want to expand your knowledge of maternal care and the extensions of motherhood such as breastfeeding, abstinence, nutrition, mental wellness, fitness, etc.

Why do we feel the need to establish Sentuh Mommy Club?


As a first-time mother, you sometimes are not able to control your emotions due to the rapid changes to your body, and this makes you depressed.

We Provide Supportive Community for Mothers

Focus on mental health to adopt positive behaviors through our curated communal support system which we call the Sentuh Mommy Club group.


Some mothers do not have the right support system or a community to share their pain and concern about pregnancy with people who can fully understand their feelings and situation.

We Make You Feel Welcomed

Featuring engaging contents, and helpful tips from our experts, making sure no one is left behind.


Learning is quite challenging for mommies during the pandemic because you cannot drop by and directly ask your doctors about your concern. Your unanswered questions will cause anxiety, which will in turn lead to depression if the situation continues.

We Discuss More on Real Issues

Focus more on the concerns of a modern progressive mommy like dealing with baby blues, tips on maintaining weight, mental wellness during pregnancy, nutrition during pregnancy and after child birth, lactation and many more.

Experts list

Dr Fauziah Hassan

BMed Sc MBBS (Australia), FRCOG (UK) Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Pn Surainee Wahab

Bachelor of Sc. Nutrition & Community Health, UPM HRDF Certified Trainer & Certified Food Handler Course (KKM

Pn Nurdiana Mohd Rasid

Lactation Counselor & Certified Lactation Trainer

Pn Elka & Cik Elza

Degree in Psychology, Open University Malaysia Certified Mental Health & Fitness Trainer

Mizi Wahid

Founder of Safinah Institute & Motivational Speaker

Pn Ain Nadia Yusoff

Antenatal Care Advisor

This program will teach you how to

(what you will gain after 14 days)

You will be more aware of self-care routines that you can perform independently and create routines for physical and emotional self-care during and after pregnancy.

You are already equipping yourself with the proper knowledge for pregnancy, birth and taking care of your child.

You will be part of a curated support group, Sentuh Mommy Club, and in this you can engage with other mothers and experts.

You will be able to identify and differentiate between facts and myths regarding pregnancy, delivery and motherhood.

You are now more prepared as a mother and can adapt to the changes in yourself, especially for first-time mothers.

So now, you are ready to be part of this program to help you to become a great modern mommy!

Modules and schedules

1st Week :
Understanding Pregnancy

  • Physical fitness activities (exercise, posture correction etc)
  • Discomforts and hazards
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Pregnancy and Self Care

2nd Week :
Understanding Birth

  • Mommy & Baby checklist
  • Lactation & Breastfeeding
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Labour tips / myths
  • Husband support guidelines
  • Postpartum and Self Care

How to join MOTHER : 1st
Steps and Beyond Program

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Select 'Virtual Program'


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Book your seat via app


Confirm booking details

Get confirmation email after you complete your booking and payment and confirmation on the Sentuh App.
Get access to Sentuh Mommy Club (private group for participants) Facebook group and Telegram Channel.
Attend 14 days Virtual Program via Sentuh Mommy Telegram Group.
Now you are one step away from enjoying all these benefits!

Perks of Sentuh Mommy Club Members


6 Exclusive webinars with the experts


Receive 4 e-books on motherhood topics including breastfeeding, nutrition, mental health and fitness


Get Sentuh Voucher worth up to RM300

At-home Activities

14 days of motivation, daily challenges and at-home activities for mothers

Exclusive Access

Exclusive access to Sentuh Mommy Club Community, a network of supportive mommies and experts

Welcome Gift

Welcome gifts for mommy & baby

Program Checklist

Program checklist & self-care routine for mommies

Curated Content

Daily curated content, tips and videos exclusive for participants

Virtual Sessions Discount

Discount for one-to-one expert & other services on Sentuh App


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