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Introducing SENTUH Executive

“A valued employee is a happy employee. This program is an investment in your most important asset – your staff”

There are many other benefits to corporate massage, some specific to a business and company culture. Here are some of the benefits:

Invigorate your team

An immediate benefit is that the deep tissue massage can relax and soothe away tension, but invigorate the body at the same time. You will notice how much more relaxed people are, whilst being productive.

Productivity increases team

Staff productivity is no longer just about getting as much as possible out of people in a given length of time, but about efficiencies and how they get things done. There are all kinds of things that you can do to increase productivity but, studies have proven that a relaxed, invigorated and valued workforce gets the job done better in the long run.

Decrease Worker’s Compensation claims

This goes back to the employee benefits of treating carpal tunnel and tendonitis, and preventing repetitive stress injuries. Since those issues are being effectively addressed, the number of Worker’s Compensation claims goes down. 

Reduce Health Care Costs

In a recent study on the effects of corporate massage on health care costs, employees experiencing low back pain that received chair massage spent 31% less on doctor’s visits and prescription medication. Plus some of the most expensive health care conditions are dramatically improved with regular onsite chair massage, thereby reducing your costs as an employer as well.

With an engaged workforce and strong culture of wellness, you will have employees who want to stay and you will also have talent knocking at your door.

Starting from RM160; Minimum of 1 hour & 1 therapist (maximum 4 pax per hour per therapist).

Or How about having Sentuh Massage Treatment for your events?

Sentuh also provides massage therapy sessions for events. From group corporate massage sessions, weddings, open houses, birthdays or farewell parties, baby showers, corporate retreats to just about any event you can think of. We will be there to serve you with Sentuh exclusive corporate treatment.


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