3 Office Things That Can Cause Employees’ Uneasiness At Work (Workplace Health)

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While some employees has a very high tolerance to bear with any situation that is coming at them, come rain or shine, there are some who would not hesitate to leave for what we thought as small and silly reason as it is. Often we looked into workload and tasks. But can the workplace environment contributes towards this as well? Well, check out these THREE of the office things that we often overlooked which can cause uneasiness at workplace :

The temperature (too cold or humid & hot)

Sometimes, the placements of the air conditioner (or the fan) can also cause uneasiness to some. The air conditioner might get too directly to an employee’s face or seat. Over exposure to the very cool air of the air conditioner for a long time can be quite sickening and can cause illnesses such as cough, flu or fever. While for some, it may triggers asthma. Aside than the placements, ensure that the air conditioner at your office are serviced several times in a year. This is to deep clean the dust, mites & dirty particles inside of the air conditioner.

“Something smells in here”

Though we are not requesting the office to smell like the florist or a perfume outlet, but did you know that our sense of smell has the effect on our mind, focus and concentration? It is why essential oils and aromatherapy diffusers exist. Some shopping malls, cafes and shops uses scents to help attract the customers. The same thing when we checked into a hotel room. Ever wonder why it always feel better and hits different than at home? To maintain employees’ focus and concentration at work, use scents that are known to help with focus, concentration and make you feel wide awake, rather than sleepy.

Chairs, desks & other office furniture

For a 9 to 5 work and for 5 consecutive days per week, if you spend those hours sitting by the desk and with a laptop, it is important to choose chairs and desks that are ergonomic. Ergonomic chairs and tables help supports our posture and help maintains it the correct way. This is to also helps keeping away muscle strains and other bodily aches which can cause for one to take MC.

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