Share your referral code & get RM5 for each succesful referral!

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Did you know that you now have your own unique referral code?
Share with any of your friends and also your family members your referral code

For every successful referral, you get 500 Sentuh Points that is equivalent of RM5 and the person using your referral code will get RM5 discount on their first House Call booking with us!

Where to find your unique referral code in the Sentuh app? Check out these steps below

Step 1 : Tap on the 3 lines button in the app, located at the top left of your phone

Step 2 : Tap on the button that states “Referral”

Step 3 : Now you can copy & paste the referral code and share it around whether through your social media, group chats or by the word of mouth 😉

PS : Ask your friends and families to download the Sentuh app now via Google Playstore or the App Store

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