Have You Heard Of Sitz Bath Treatment In Post Natal Service?

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In Malay Berpantang, you may have heard a lot about the word tangas
But have you heard of Sitz Bath?

Are there any difference of the two?
Read on for more details of what exactly is a Sitz Bath

The History Of Sitz Bath

The word “Sitz” originated from a German word called “Sitzen”, which means to sit.

Sitz Bath is a treatment that benefits women that has just given birth (for normal delivery) or for individuals (men & women, regardless of gender) that suffers from hemorrhoids or anal fissure.

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How The Treatment Works?

The treatment uses a tool that appears to be the similar shape of a toilet seat and has a small basin underneath along with a hand pump & rubber pipe attached to the seat.

Warm water or a combination of special Epsom salt along with warm water usually placed inside the basin of the Sitz Bath tool, then one will need to sit on the tool for a few minutes, as advise by the doctor or by the Confinement Lady (CL) in the case of mothers who has just given birth.

What Are The Benefits Of The Treatment For Mothers Who Has Just Given Birth?

The main function of the treatment is to help ease, relief & soothes your private parts. For mothers who has just given a birth through normal delivery, the private parts (the vulva & perineum) usually feels painful & swollen. Sitz Bath will help ease the pain and help relaxes the muscles within these areas.

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