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“What!? Do I have to start shampooing my hair more frequently now?”

You’re not alone if you’ve asked yourself that question during your latest hand-scrubbing session at the sink.

Personal cleanliness is one of our best chances for avoiding the coronavirus, which has many people wondering if the same rigorous hand-washing regimen that is recommended for our hands also applies to our hair.

Here’s what we know so far about your hair’s possible role in the spread of COVID-19, as well as some advice on how to look for your hair (and, ultimately, yourself) during these trying times.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware that coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the hair and cosmetics business.

We went from some customers cancelling appointments proactively as salons kept open and improved preventative hygiene measures to very sadly forcing many salons and spas to close shop forever.


What do you mean, everyday cleansing?

We understand if reading that made you cry because you’re afraid that shampooing every day would wash away all the hard work you’ve put into your hair so far.

Most hair care professionals advocate just washing your hair a few times each week to preserve the scalp’s natural oils and prevent drying it out.

These aren’t your normal times, though.

Fortunately, there are still methods to maintain your hair health while staying clear of corona.

Even at this time of stress, here are a few easy methods to encourage healthy hair development that will leave hair smooth, silky, and full of magnificent shine.

DON’T: Use scorching hot water to wash your hair.

This will cause hair to get dry, as well as create frizz and static. It’s OK to start by washing your hair with warm water to open the cuticles and let the products to soak in and perform their work. However, before you rinse them out, turn to cooler water to seal those cuticles and lock in all of the advantages your products give.

DO: Wash and condition your hair with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner.

During this time of stress, you’ll want to maintain your hair hydrated and moisturised (yes, there are two distinct things). Some shampoos out there offer deep cleaning power without disturbing your scalp’s natural oil production. Do your research and pick the ones that suit your budget.

DON’T: Use shampoo to lather the ends of your hair.

The ends will only get drier as a result of this. Instead, start at the nape of your neck and work your way up to your hairline, according to experts. Region your hair into sections and spend a few minutes washing each section of your scalp to get the most out of your cleanse.

DO: Include an oil-free serum in your routine.

If you’re increasing your washing frequency to be extra cautious during the coronavirus pandemic, you might want to consider using an additional product to help keep your hair moisturised.

It also protects hair from environmental causes by enveloping it in a sheer layer of insulating qualities, which keeps your hair from drying out.

DON’T: Brush your hair just after you get out of the shower.

Your hair is incredibly delicate and prone to breaking when you come out of the shower. Brushing instantly increases your chances of inflicting more damage than good as the number of times you cleanse each week increases. After cleansing, apply a conditioner, which detangles hair and provides shine without adding weight.

So here we have it. Just a few tips to care for your hair in the Covidpocalypse. Fret not. Take care of your hair and look good as things open up and we beat the ‘rona!

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