Massage & Physiotherapy – What’s the Difference?

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Physiotherapy vs. Massage Therapy: What’s the Difference?

Our customers frequently inquire about the distinction between massage treatment and physiotherapy. You might also be curious about how massage treatment might benefit you. In fact, massage can be utilised independently by a massage therapist or as part of an entire treatment plan by a physiotherapist.

Sports Physiotherapy can help an injured athlete return to sport by building strength, improving balance, coordination, flexibility, and increasing endurance.

What is massage therapy and how does it work?

Massage therapy works by releasing tension in certain muscles that have become tense as a result of injury or stress. These massage techniques aid in the circulation of blood, which aids in the healing process. Massages can assist you with:

Aids in circulation
Reduces pain by reducing muscular tension.
Your body is cleansed of pollutants and waste materials.

Why would you seek a massage from a Physiotherapist?

Massage therapy is simply one component of a physiotherapist’s total treatment plan. Massage treatment is aimed at treating your injury or a specific problem location. Massage will be given to the muscles and tissues in the surrounding region.

Furthermore, the physiotherapist will use treatments such as:

Getting the joint moving
Tightening up muscles

Massage your joints or soft tissues

Other treatments may be used to alter the way your muscles around the joint function. As a result, massage therapy will be a part of the overall process and treatment. It’s also very precise and focused on resolving and repairing your issue.

What role does massage play in physiotherapy?

Massage was formerly an important element of physiotherapy. It was essential in establishing the foundations of physiotherapy. Massage was one of the major therapies used by physiotherapists in the early 1900s when they first started out. Clients returning from combat who needed to rehabilitate and recuperate from injuries were provided this treatment.

Massage treatment is becoming an important element of physiotherapy. This is because it is an element of physiotherapy’s hands-on component. Massage therapy is employed to:

Muscle tension relief

Remove any trigger points.

Boost your circulation.

Circulate lymphatic fluids throughout the body.

Swelling and problems around joints can be reduced.

Is there any soft tissue massage technique training available?

Today’s physiotherapy treatments include a lot of soft tissue massage methods. As part of their undergraduate education, our physiotherapists are taught how to utilise their hands. Massage and soft tissue methods are included in the programme. After completing their degree, physiotherapists participate in professional training. This implies that they are enrolled in courses and professional development opportunities that include:

Massage’s components

Soft tissue treatments are applied using our hands.

During a therapy, several stretching techniques are used.

When would you prefer to visit a physiotherapist over a massage therapist?

When you have a specific condition that has to be treated and repaired, you should see a physiotherapist rather than a massage therapist. Our physiotherapists will initially examine your condition using methods. They’ll next work with you to devise a strategy for correcting and resolving the issue. This will assist you in preventing that issue from cropping up again.

Getting a massage from one of our physiotherapists is a great and customised experience. This is due to the fact that it focuses on treating the symptoms and resolving any issue that has just arisen whilst working towards providing you with a longer-term answer to your issue.

Make an appointment with one of our massage therapists or physiotherapists on the Sentuh App today to learn more about massage therapy and physiotherapy.

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