Ramadhan Super Food!

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Tips on how you can feel fuller longer and energized throughout Ramadhan

Ramadhan is on! SENTUH team would like to wish everyone observing this month Ramadhan Kareem.

Feeling tired or extremely hungry by mid day during Ramadhan? Eating right during sahur (or also known as suhoor) is vital for your fasting. What you eat is what you will be. We share with you a few of these amazing super food that will help you to feel full longer and provides you the energy that you need throughout your fasting in a day.

If you never tried eating dates with nuts (usually with macadamia or almonds) then you are missing out on one of life’s tastiest food you could eat! First timer might feel a little weird of the thought of it but trust us, once you start chewing them on, it might be quite hard to stop later! The rich nutty and sweet tastes will leave your taste buds craves for more. But setting aside on that part, it is the nutrients that counts. It is a lot more healthier and fully packed with energy that will help you to be more alert & focused during fasting. Another way to make eating dates more fun is to simply shred the dates & pour a nice cold milk with it.

Packed with fibers, cereals or oats will help you feel fuller for much longer. They also gives off the energy you need to keep you energized during the day. Add some Greek yogurt and fresh fruits to your oats. For chocolate lovers, you may add some chocolate powder and chocolate chips to give your oats/cereals more fun tasting.

Eggs are full of protein, vitamin B2 and essential minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. Eggs are perfect to kick-start the fasting season. Eggs are also known for the versatility on which you can do a lot of things with them. Have them scrambled, hard boiled or sunny side up, you name it. However, avoid frying them with a lot of oil.

Another mysterious food for the first timer who never tried avocado before, avocado spread on a toast is actually another 1 of life’s best tasting food you could ever tastes! Just add some salt & pepper and you will have a guilt-free spread on your toasts. How does it tastes like? Think of those chocolate-y-nutty spread that you bought at the stores. It tastes as creamy as those spread but much more healthier!

Combine all these and you will have the best super food of all time for Ramadhan! 🙂


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