Stay Safe During Covid-19 Times

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Corona Virus? Here Are A Few Precautions & Safety Measurements

  1. Avoid Crowded Places
    It is advisable to just stay at home at these times and to not go out much as this increases your chance of coming in contact with others that are sick or may has the virus but not knowingly themselves
  2. Wear a mask if you are unwell
    Whether you have flu, fever, cough or just feeling ill, it is advisable to wear a mask when you are out and about in the public. This is to avoid the risk of you infecting others & to avoid more virus/bacteria coming in contact with you as well. Sick people has lower immunity when it comes to fighting sickness. You may get even more sick than you already are
  3. Cough & Sneeze Properly
    Do you ever saw a child sneezes & cough freely & think “oh it’s okay, they are just a child. Still a child. Go easy on them”? How harmful could it be?

    Potentially, viruses can spread without knowing one’s age, race or demographic. A child has weaker immune system compared than an adult. While you sneeze, you let out some particles and absorbs some in as well. Hence it is important to

    Ensure that you covers your mouth securely every time you cough or sneezes. And don’t forget to sanitize or wash your hands right afterwards
  4. Wash your hand or use hand sanitizer frequently
    Ensure that you wash your hands every time before you touch your food. Try to use hand sanitizer frequently as well whenever you touch public properties such as door handles, hand railings etc

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