For The Eco-lovin’ & Environment Conscious Couples Like You!

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Nature such as the beaches, rivers, forests, will never go out of style!

If going to the movies & dining is too common for date ideas with your partner, well then here IS a NEW “cool” way and idea on spending quality time with your partner. Check out these eco-friendly, nature filled excitement and environment conscious date idea!
It’s a fool-proof way to strengthen the bond

1. Book a cool retreat in nature. And the best part is, it’s even located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!

These days, eco-friendly stays & places are all the rage. Nature inspired surroundings with minimalist architecture-designs that is very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes (and soul). Be on the look out through Airbnb website/apps or just Google to find out your nearest aesthetically pleasing retreat

2. Book a massage session for you and your partner at your preferred Airbnb or hotel room!

Couples that stays healthy together and are healthy, will stay together.
Book a massage session for yourself and for your partner. Ditch the junk food and stay healthy with a massage sesh instead!
Did you know that massages can improve your immune system for the better? You will less likely to catch common illness such as flu/cold or fever & your sleeping patterns will improve as well! Good to know if you are having trouble sleeping

And YES! We are able to come by to your booked Airbnb or hotel rooms, aside than your house of office

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