What Makes SENTUH Special Than The Rest?

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“Anyone and everyone can make up and start up their own mobile spa services. But what makes one sets apart than the rest?”

This has got to be the famous question whenever one starts up any type of businesses. Especially if the market is quite competitive. One have to has a few unique points to stand out from the rest. Here are our takes on what sets SENTUH apart than the rest in the wellness (especially mobile spa) industry.

SENTUH not only provide wellness service on-the-go but
SENTUH is actually a tech company

We are aiming to be the most convenient tech company when it comes to wellness services. These days, most of us are seen with our mobile phones almost wherever we are. You can booked a transport, your food, drinks, etc, straight out of your mobile phones and delivered to your location. But then again, what about a wellness service? Yes it is a risky business. But we are willing to take that risks for you!

“We also vet our therapists carefully & thoroughly. Only certified individuals in the wellness industry is chosen. This is to ensure that each wellness treatment you received from each therapist will be a wonderful one”

We take our wellness service seriously. We all must have experience at least once in a life time that we feel unsatisfied with a wellness service that we booked. Be it just a simple foot massage or with a facial treatment. We could not stressed this enough, a wellness service should well….make you feel more well and better about yourself! A massage should make you feel a lot more refreshed and more rejuvenated! Not much more painful or the other way around. A facial session should make your face glows more and on which you can feel it is much cleaner and softer. Not the other way around.

“We care about the environment as well! We believed in natural plant-based and organic ingredients when it comes to our massage oils and facial products”

When we first started SENTUH, we knew we would like to make our earth more greener and a much better place to live in. It may seems out of place? What’s related between a wellness service and going green with the environment?

The answer is, through the products that we uses for our wellness services! From our massage oils to face cleanser, facial serums and so much more!

We use only natural and organic plant-based products. We also ensure that the products we uses are certified by the safety regulations set up by the local authorities


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